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What Makes Turkish Mail Order Brides So Popular?

Turkey seems like a very long way to go if you want to meet the love of your life, but thousands of American men can’t be wrong. Turkish mail order brides have more advantages than you can imagine, and here are just 5 reasons why you’d also want to see a Turkish bride as your one and only partner.

They are very good-looking

Turkish women don’t look like your typical Asian brides, but they have their own standard of beauty that drives men crazy. Turkish brides have very distinctive features: their dark, wavy hair, a healthy skin tone, and bright lips and eyes create a lovely contrast and allow them to look striking even with no makeup on. Turkish women are not skinny or very tall, but their curvy, feminine figures are exactly what millions of men want to see in their partners. Women in Turkey dress modestly, but they still know how to showcase their best features.

They are modest and unspoiled

Turkish women are raised in families where education and modesty are valued more than material achievements and beauty. They grow up with the right priorities and they maintain them even after becoming adults. A Turkish mail order bride you meet probably won’t be interested in how much you make exactly or what kind of car you drive. She won’t ask you for expensive gifts or expect you to waste thousands on every date. Instead, she will see, love, and appreciate the real you.

They embrace traditional gender dynamics

Traditional upbringing also means that Turkish wives are not arguing with the classic family dynamics. To them, the man being the main provider and the woman working around the house and raising children is the way it should be done. There are, of course, some Turkish women who achieve great heights in business or politics, but deep down, they know what really matters and they want their families to have the same balance of power as they experienced when growing up in a traditional household.

They will fully accept you

People are not perfect and everyone has baggage that is not always positive. You may have some experiences from the past you are ashamed of or some character traits you’d like to change. To a Turkish mail-order bride, your imperfections won’t matter too much if you are honest about them. If you need her help to correct them, she will gladly assist you in every way that she can, and if nothing can be done, she will learn to live with them for the sake of love.

They won’t hide their romantic interest

A Turkish mail-order bride is someone who cannot conceal her attraction to a man. These women are raised with the notion that they shouldn’t make the first move, but once you’ve reached out, you will see a completely new side of your Turkish bride. She will give you romantic gifts without waiting for the right occasion, send you flirty texts when you least expect them, and keep you happy and satisfied in every aspect of the relationship.

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What Can You Expect From A Turkish Mail Order Bride In Marriage?

Turkish wives are hot, passionate, and traditional. But what else can you expect from your marriage to a Turkish mail-order bride? Here are just some of the reasons why Turkish wives are so coveted in the international dating arena.

She will devote her time to the family

To a Turkish wife, there is no such thing as being too busy for her family. Even when your Turkish wife is the CEO of some company or occupies an equally important position, she will always have time for her loved ones. And if you can afford for your Turkish mail order bride to stop working completely, you can rest assured that she will spend every minute of her time with her family, whether it’s spending time with you in person or doing something for your happiness and comfort.

She will make the most caring mother

Motherhood seems to be in the blood of Turkish women. Whether they should or shouldn’t have children is not even a real question to them. Turkish wives simply cannot imagine a family without at least two children. And even young Turkish mail-order brides and first-time mothers know exactly how to take care of the little ones. Since they grow up in big households with several generations living together or close to each other, they begin learning the ins and outs of motherhood long before they have their own kids.

She is skilled around the house

A Turkish wife is someone who not only readily does all the housework, but is also proud of her skills. Turkish women are the true pros when it comes to chores. They know how to make their family home a better place and they are especially familiar with the art of cooking. Trust us, even if you’ve been to Turkey a number of times or frequently visit the Turkish restaurant in your own city, you haven’t tried genuine Turkish home cooking until you come home to a full Turkish dinner, complete with drinks and desserts, prepared by your wife.

She will support you at every step

To a Turkish mail-order bride, marriage isn’t just about children, shared duties, or a family home. First and foremost, it’s about mutual respect, trust, and support. She’s going to need your support when she is unsure about something or attempting something new in life. In return, she will offer her unquestionable support and loyalty every step of the way, whether you are going through a rough patch at work, thinking of starting a business, lose a friend or family member, or simply going through an inner crisis.

She doesn’t see divorce as an option

Even though there is no problem with getting a divorce in modern Turkey, Turkish wives still view divorce very negatively and consider it to be a failure. Even when the relationship doesn’t go as planned, a Turkish wife will try every other option before arriving at the necessity of a divorce. You can rest assured your Turkish mail order bride will stay with you through the good and the bad without jumping ship at the first suitable opportunity.

Which Qualities Are Turkish Brides Looking For In Men?

With over 43 million men living in Turkey, there is clearly no shortage of potential husbands for Turkish brides. However, the main reason why they seek foreign husbands is that they don’t see the desired male qualities in local men. These are the 5 most important features of a good man and husband for a Turkish mail order bride.

  • Sincerity. Turkish women are extremely honest and always tell it like it is. Needless to say, they expect the same from their partners. You don’t need to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you need to be truthful about your feelings and not try to hide anything from your past or present.
  • Respect. Sadly, Turkish women rarely experience respectful behavior from local men. Men in Turkey still have outdated views on the position of women in society and expect them to be nothing but silent housewives. This is not something a Turkish lady is willing to accept and she wants respectful treatment from her man.
  • Generosity. To Turkish mail order brides, male generosity is not just about paying for the dates or buying material goods such as gadgets and cosmetics. It’s also about being able to provide for the family and build a comfortable, happy life for the wife and the children. That is why Turkish women don’t like stingy men.
  • Loyalty. Fidelity is a major problem for Turkish marriages and relationships. With many local men believing they don’t need to be faithful to just one woman forever, Turkey brides are looking for relationships where they can be the only one. Breaking the trust of a Turkish woman is the worst thing anyone can do to her.
  • Interest in being a father. Having children in a loving marriage is the most natural thing in the world for a Turkish woman, but she doesn’t want to be the only present parent. Turkish women love men who don’t just want to become fathers for social status, but are genuinely interested in raising happy and healthy children.

Dating A Turkish Mail Order Bride: 5 Tips To Succeed

If you’ve ever tried dating an Asian woman or even thought about it, you probably know that Asian women need a special and careful approach in romance. Turkey brides are no exception, and here are 5 ways for you to make the best impression on your bride when your romance is just beginning.

Don’t expect her to make the first move

Turkish women are brought up in a very traditional setting where it’s not common for women to take matters in their own hands when it comes to romance. A Turkish girl can indicate her interest by slightly smiling at you or looking at you a second longer than normal, but she will always expect you to reach out first. This rule may not always work with online dating, where Turkish women are more proactive in their search for a good potential husband. But if you are meeting Turkey brides in person, then you need to muster the courage to make the first move.

Ask her to show you the real Turkey

You can visit Turkey dozens of times as a tourist, but you will never see the real side of Turkey, the one that is hidden from foreigners unless someone local shows it to you. Instead of going on mundane dates to Turkey’s popular tourist spots, ask your Turkish bride to take you somewhere unexpected. She can take you to her favorite authentic street food joints, to a local festival, or even to her family home where you can meet her extended family. That way, you’ll get a sense of what the real Turkey is like.

Talk about your family and family values

No matter how modern and highly educated your Turkish mail order bride may be, at her core, she is still a family girl through and through. Turkish women put family above everything else in life and your bride will be delighted to know that you share her values. In addition to asking about her family, you can talk about your own background, what your parents and siblings are like, and what you like to do when you are together. This will help you increase your appeal as a family man.

Ask questions and be a good listener

A typical Turkish bride is very interested in your personality and culture since you come from a totally different country. However, in order to build a good relationship with her, you also need to ask lots of questions. There are many things you probably want to know about your Turkish mail order bride, so you don’t need to wait for her to tell you and instead need to get proactive, turn on your natural curiosity, and get to know as much about her as you need.

Don’t waste her time in the relationship

Turkish women are not the kind of girls who can spend years dating a man without knowing if the relationship is going somewhere. The women there get married, on average, at just 24 years old, so they don’t like to waste time dating someone when there is no prospect of marriage. You don’t need to propose or invite her to live with you in your own country right away, but in order to trust you, she needs to know that the relationship will end in a marriage and that there is a big, loving family down the road.


Do Turkish Brides Like American Men?

Turkish dating culture and rules are entirely influenced by religion. Arranged marriages and ancient traditions are still prevalent in some Turkish cities. 

The love between young spouses, if any, is always carefully hidden. In small towns, it is considered obscene to show tender feelings to a Turkish wife in public. Husband and wife rarely show up together. 

Turkish men even avoid talking about their wives or mentioning their names. According to Islamic culture, a man can only feel sexual attraction to a woman. 

The idea that a man and a woman can have a friendly or romantic relationship blows Turkish men’s minds. Thus, most local women look for better living and consider meeting Western men over local ones. 

Do the Turkish Brides Speak English?

Due to cultural diversity, there is a significant number of languages spoken in Turkey. Over 80% of local women speak Turkish. Yet, most of them can also speak English at some level. 

So if you are interested in dating Turkish women, you can have no worries about language barriers. Girls of Turkey fully understand English and can make a conversation.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Turkish Brides?

Online dating services are in high demand among Turkish women. Over 50% of local girls use the Muslima service, while other ladies are registered on Tinder and Siberalem.

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