Singapore Women − The Treasure of the City-State

Singapore Women − The Treasure of the City-State

Singaporean Women- Beauties you Will Want to Marry

Singapore is the world’s economic wonder. Its people enjoy some of the highest living standards, although Singapore is about 1,300,000% smaller than the United States. This city-state has lots of attractions to offer and beautiful places to visit.

But the most pleasant thing about Singapore is wonderfully beautiful women living there. Once you meet one, you will fall in love with her in a flash. So today, we will tell you how you can date and marry these Asian beauties.

Why have Singapore Women Become so Popular?

Astonishing Beauty

It is no secret that appearance plays a significant role in a relationship, at least at the beginning. Singaporean women treat their appearance seriously and even more diligently than Western girls. It is the reason for so many men being thirsty for Singapore ladies. These women have very distinctive, cute facial features, flawless skin, and thick, naturally dark hair.


With the growing fitness and beauty industry, you will meet lots of Singaporean girls exercising to give their bodies seductive curvy shapes. Women in Singapore tend to be more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and try to preserve their beauty for as long as possible. On top of that, they can afford complex beauty treatments to maintain the smoothness of the skin.

Singapore is the country where a 37-year-old business lady can look like a girl in her early 20s. Asian skin is scientifically proven to age slower due to thicker dermis, a skin layer that produces collagen, the protein responsible for skin repair.


Thus, Asians are less prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging. When combined with a beauty treatment, Asian genetics brings fantastic results. Therefore, if your wife’s appearance is essential to you, you will be glad to meet a Singaporean woman.

Hardworking Nature

Singaporean families follow traditional gender roles. Women are viewed primarily as housekeepers and mothers. Their family chores include cooking, taking care of children, cleaning the house, etc. Men are traditionally considered as breadwinners.

At the same time, Singaporean girls tend to enjoy more independence and rights compared to other Asian women. Singapore is a highly developed state in all senses. It is one of the world’s business centers, with modern trends shaping society and impacting the traditional family values.


As a result, girls seek more career opportunities. A woman in Singapore earns from $40,000 to $60,000 on average. Still, she manages to combine career and the role of a mother, although it becomes extremely exhausting sometimes.

Therefore, if you seek hardworking and persistent yet feminine women, Singaporean brides will become your ideal match.

Great Domestic Skills

As many Singaporean men say, the local girls love cooking. It does not matter whether you are dating a girl or have been married for several years; she will be eager to prepare meals for her man.

As mentioned before, Singaporean ladies can handle other chores masterfully, dealing with sophisticated utensils and appliances. At the same time, they will likely share these responsibilities. Dating a Singaporean girl differs from having a housewife, so you would better hire one to free your lady from the mundane everydayness or help her with domestic work. She will appreciate your attention, for sure. You need to remember that Asian girls are all different. Singaporean ones tend to be more independent, and they will never tolerate even a hint of abusive behavior.

They don’t Mind Dating Western Guys

Another reason for the immense popularity of Singapore women is that they prefer to date foreigners.

If you are American, you have much more chances to start a relationship with a Singapore lady. Generally, Singapore women prefer to stay unattached rather than date a guy from their country, and here is why:

  • Singapore guys are too conservative. Living with Asian women for centuries has left an indelible imprint on their perception of gender roles. They cannot accept that women in Singapore are not servants anymore.
  • Many local men are too dependent on their families despite high income. Many of them are unable to mature mentally, which is a huge turn off for women.
  • Lots of Singapore guys cannot fill up their lives with goals, ambitions, and desires. They play the cards they’ve been dealt with, unable to bring drastic changes in their lives.

It does not mean that Singapore girls will beg you to become their boyfriend, but your origin and personality will surely attract them.

Singapore Brides’ Character

First, you should not expect them to act as one. Women are all different. One may be more possessive and decisive, and the other one will expect you to guide her all the time. But still, there are general trends that shape the national peculiarities of Singapore women. We will discuss them below.


Singapore brides may not always expect their partner to be a breadwinner. More commonly, Singapore wives contribute to their family budget. They are much more practical when it comes to finances. While dating a Singaporean bride, there is no need for you to act like a father and protect your little girl from problems. You will feel that both of you are equal in the relationship.


According to UNESCO statistics, 91.2% of women enrolled in universities in 2017. It means that 100% of women have finished either college or university. They are well-educated and broad-minded. No wonder they prefer to broaden their horizons, travel, and meet people from all corners of the globe. And it is despite strong religious influence. Singapore, similarly to the rest of the Malay Peninsula, is a home for many Muslim communities.

Another good thing about Singaporeans is that English is their official language. So, no communication barrier will ever take place between you and your love.

Prioritize Personal Qualities over Finances

There has been a stereotype about Singaporean girls being gold diggers and dating rich men only. Sure, some women value money the most, but it has never been a tendency in practice.

In fact, dating surveys have revealed that 48% if Singapore ladies don’t mind having a relationship with a person that earns less than them. If you are going to date some ladies from Singapore, you can be 100% sure they will like your personality first. And more than 50% stated that they are okay with dating a younger partner.

Best Places to Meet Singapore Women

You may never need to fly to Singapore to meet a soulmate. As for 2019, more than 39,000 Singaporeans lived in the US, and about 58,400 resided in the UK. So, you can easily meet a Singaporean girl without planning costly trips to the Malay Peninsula. However, the fastest way to find a Singaporean woman is to register on dating sites.

Creating a free account will take a couple of minutes. Then, you will be able to search for the woman meeting all of your preferences. You can address niche sites featuring Singaporean mail order brides exclusively. Online dating allows you to filter potential matches based on your location. Who knows, maybe a woman of your dream lives just ten minutes away from you.

How to Register on a Reliable Singapore Dating Site?

Online dating works well if you register on a high-quality website with an active community. It is relatively easy if you know what a trustworthy dating site is. Check these tips to choose the right dating platform:

1. Check Dating Profiles

Dating profiles are the first thing you should pay attention to. If there are too many studio-quality photos polished with Photoshop, this site may trick you with scam and fake profiles. Usually, you will not be able to examine the dating profiles before registration. So, creating a free account will allow you to observe the website audience.

2. Avoid Fantasy Profiles

Read the terms of use to find out whether the site features fantasy profiles. If it does, all the girls writing to you will appear to be internet bots.

3. Learn about Digital Security Features

Check whether the site features an SSL certificate and a digital security badge. If it does, you can safely purchase the subscriptions. Also, pay attention to anti-scam policies. The dating agency has to apply account and identity verification (checking identity may be optional). It also has to ensure that people post real pictures.

Also, avoid dating agencies requiring you to purchase a membership to register an account. These may appear to be scams that will instantly charge you with multiple payments after you provide your card information.

4. Search for Feedback

Before registering on any dating site, you have to check testimonials on the web. Current or former users can tell a lot about some pitfalls, prices, etc. Make sure you check feedback on multiple platforms. You can also address review articles on the web. They usually provide comprehensive information about dating sites.

How to Attract a Singaporean Lady?

1. Make Sure that your Dating Profile is Nice-looking

When a person browses your dating profile, they know nothing about you. They will judge you by your profile picture or description. Therefore, you should upload your best photos to make the right impression. So make sure that your image is indeed appealing. You can ask for your friends’ opinions.

2. Put on the Best Outfit

When you are preparing for the first date, make sure you pun on an appropriate outfit. If you are going to meet in the park or the mall, dress casually, but tidily and be stylish. Remember that your girlfriend will come “armed to the teeth” and ready to impress you. So make sure you can impress her as well.

3. Pay for the First Date

Singaporeans are used to splitting bills. Your girlfriend will likely earn as much as you, so paying 50/50 is a good idea. But it will be a nice gesture for you to pay for the first date. It will help you make a good impression.

4. Show your Confidence

Most Singapore women are tired of indecisive and shy guys. Singapore is full of immature 30-year-old boys, so you have to show that you are different. Although Singapore women prefer Americans, your awkward behavior may discourage a girl. So, it is better to act confidently, smile, and enjoy her presence.

It is worth mentioning that Singapore women often make the first move, so you should accept it without showing excessive wonder.

5. Any Girl Wants to be Special

Even the most worldly-minded woman wants to hear compliments, taste some sweets, and smell beautiful flowers. So you can benefit from it to the fullest. Buy your woman some flowers and tell her about her exceptionally sharp mind and charming nature. She will appreciate this kind of attention.


Dating a Singaporean woman means having an equal partner you can rely on. These girls become loving, caring, and, most importantly, loyal wives. Since Singaporeans are obsessed with foreigners, you have a very high chance of meeting a charming Asian beauty to spend life with. Winning Singapore women’s hearts is not that easy, so you need to take care of your look, be loyal, attentive, and supportive. But marrying such a girl is indeed worth the effort.


Do Singapore Brides Wish to Date Americans?

Singapore women prefer dating foreigners, including Americans. They find American men more attractive and capable of achieving success in life. You will have an edge since many Singapore men are protected from any difficulties, which prevents them from developing true manliness.

Are Singaporean Brides Good at English?

Up to 4 million Singaporeans are native English speakers, according to 2018 statistics. It means that you have a 99% chance of meeting a girl with fluent English.

What is the Best Singapore Dating Website?

There are hundreds of dating platforms where you can meet Singaporeans. But the best site is the one that focuses on the customer experience. It has an active, and most importantly, real community, applies reliable safety measures, and offers a reasonable quality-price ratio.