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Why Are Mongolian Women So Unique?

A Mongolian woman is like a desert rose: a plant with tender flowers that is beautiful but hardy, thriving in extreme conditions such as hot, dry summers and harsh winters. Even today, a significant percentage of Mongols still have the kind of nomadic and very rugged lifestyle that is similar to that of ancient times and requires great toughness (physical and mental). 

In fact, both Mongolian men and women are physically stronger and more athletic than other Asians. Most likely, the traditional Mongolian lifestyle and high-protein diet, along with the tough living conditions, have been making Mongols grow up so strong for centuries. Their culture should also be considered a significant factor, as it is a martial/warrior culture at heart. The Mongol empire was notorious for successfully invading countries of superior military power, and local women are no exception when it comes to rigor and persistence. But what else makes them so unique and special? Let’s find the answer to this question below. 

They look different from other Asian ladies

Mongolian women not only tend to have more athletic or stronger-built bodies than other Asian women, but they are the curviest of all the Asian beauties. Many Mongolian stunners have impressive bust-lines and voluptuous shapes that look sexy even under layers of clothing. Whether short or elegantly tall and slender, Mongolian ladies are more often big-breasted and curvy than not. Most international daters agree that such shapes are closer to these of Russian women than to these of other Asians.

Arguably, this is due to good genetics and the high-protein and high-calcium diet. Some Mongolian women are a bit on the chubby side, but obesity is far less common in Mongolia than in the Western countries. Mongolian women just genetically have some extra subcutaneous fat for staying warm in the cold climate. This is also the reason why you might be amazed to discover they have some of the softest and supplest skin you’ve ever touched (if you get lucky enough). 

Their beauty is fascinating and otherworldly

If you are an avid traveler, you know that the stark beauty of harsh climatic regions can be very astonishing, often with an ‘outworldly’ feel, and that it is strikingly different from what you’ve seen in places with fairly ‘normal’ and favorable climatic conditions. But even if you have never thought of it before, both the vast land of Mongolia and the beauty of its women definitely bring this to mind. Mongolian women have more defined, high and broad cheekbones than most Asians, as well as more deeply cut eyes with distinct epicanthic folds giving them a dramatic, hypnotic, alien-like look. These facial features have developed due to the tough evolutionary conditions of extreme cold. Mongolian females have more fat in the undereye and the eyelid area than any other women, which is why their eyes have such dramatic sharp corners and a deep, soulful gaze. This is also the reason Mongolian women have a youthful and radiant appearance, for they are less likely to have undereye bags. 

They are superheroes

Mongolian women may not be as popular as the sweet and petite Thai women, or as the Japanese girls who look like dolls or anime characters. However, Mongolian women are naturally pretty without plastic surgery or layers of makeup, and they are characters in a category of their own. If you were to put them into comic books, they’d fit the superhero section or the warrior princess manga. Mongolian women are bold, feisty, no-nonsense, strong and resilient. They may not have fought shoulder to shoulder together with their men, but these women deserve the most credit for the nomadic Mongolian tribes survival over thousands of years in very extreme conditions. Women were responsible for tending to family and livestock on their own while men were away from home (often for long stretches of time). Jokes aside, but running a household in the context of the traditional Mongolian steppe lifestyle and environment is no less than a superhero challenge.

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What Makes Mongolian Brides So Special?

Even today, with all the supermarkets, modern conveniences and appliances, raising kids and managing all the housework is not an easy task. But imagine living in a windowless ger (which is a circular tent made of animal skins and wooden poles) in the middle of nowhere, in a climate that is cold from September to May. Inside, there is a fire to keep the place warm, or a small firewood stove, and the smoke from it escapes through the hole between the wooden poles at the top of this ‘house’. Outside, it is – 30 °C and not a soul for miles (except for maybe some neighbors in a few other gers). You have to keep the fire alive, to cook food over it, to collect firewood and fetch water, to look after the kids, to milk sheep and goats, and to make different dairy products for your family or for sale. Sewing animal skins to make clothes, shoes and other household items is also your responsibility. How do you like it, any kind of superhero ever created by human imagination? Would you cope, and if so, then for how long? But for centuries, this has been a Mongolian woman’s everyday work and her lifetime commitment. Apart from that, there are other traits you need to know about:

Mongolian brides are experts at household chores since childhood

Mongolian kids are expected to start helping around the house at an early age. They also have to help caring for younger siblings, because Mongols traditionally had big families and often still do today. Even though nowadays the population of Mongolia can benefit from improved household amenities, technologies and tools, not everybody can afford these, and there’s always a lot of things Mongolian girls have to help their mothers with. This makes them good housewives and cooks.

As a nice bonus, most Western men find the Mongolian food hearty and filling whereas they may struggle to feel full in other Asian countries. It consists primarily of animal protein (meat and a great variety of dairy products). The Mongolian diet has always included plenty of meat for fueling the body with enough energy for tolerating cold weather and intensive physical activity or strenuous, exhausting work. So think comfort food (and hefty portions) rather than exotic dishes and flavors that leave you hungry when you finish your meal.

Mongolian brides are devoted mothers and wives

Mongolia has an extremely family-oriented culture. Mongolian girls have strong maternal instincts enhanced by the traditional upbringing, so they are happy to become wives and mothers. However, as smartphones, Internet and social media are becoming increasingly popular in Mongolia, this certainly rubs off on Mongolian girls. They want better opportunities for their children, as well as better living conditions with more conveniences and fun activities than their sparsely populated country with a poor economy can offer. This is why there are many Mongolian mail order brides on dating websites who are beautiful, speak some English and dream about marrying a foreigner. 

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Where You Can Meet Mongolian Women for Marriage?

The international dating websites are convenient for finding your Mongolian mail order bride. It is the best option – unless you love extreme travel experiences – as the country is expensive to travel to, and not always safe due to the poverty of many Mongolian neighborhoods outside the center of its capital. If you are a fan of adventure travel, see if four-wheel driving across the rocky terrain of the Mongolian steppe is your thing, or try living in the traditional ger with a Mongolian family. Believe it or not, many locals say they still love the experience of living in such traditional homes. So this isn’t just a tourist thing (though certainly one of the tourist attractions, paired with tasting the local food). While many people live in brick houses or flats, others still live in gers and continue to do things the old-fashioned way, especially in remote rural areas.

However, the majority of young people like to have the comfort of all the modern conveniences, and a well-groomed appearance. They prefer living in a city, wearing stylish clothes, and having a vibrant, exciting social life. So if you prefer visiting the country to meet Mongolian girls, the best place for socializing and dating is the capital UlaanBaatar that is full of local beauties.

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Are You Choosing a Reliable Mongolian Dating Website?

As opposed to meeting Mongolian girls in public places or nightlife venues, dating websites can be a more reliable and effective option. The female user profiles clearly state their intentions, preferences, and often the level of English as well. You can be sure that these ladies are single and looking for a foreign man, mostly for serious relationships. This is usually the result of having been exposed to modernized city life while studying in the capital, or to other cultures when studying abroad. So the Mongolian women on dating websites are more likely to speak English and to be willing to relocate to a different country than the women you meet on the streets of UlaanBaatar or elsewhere in the country during your stay in Mongolia. 

However, before you get too enthusiastic about online dating and chatting, it is important to check if the website is safe and reliable enough to entrust your financial and personal data to. A trustworthy online dating platform should use the latest encryption technologies to protect user data and financial transactions. It should have mostly positive customer reviews in addition to offering a variety of payment options, prompt and efficient customer support, and profile verification.

How Can You Impress a Mongolian Girl? 

Mongolian women like educated and smart men

As educated women significantly outnumber educated men in the country, they struggle to find a match among the locals. While being a foreigner gives you an exotic factor in Mongolia, and an advantage in dating, you can’t rely on just that to attract a beautiful girl. You have to be a gentleman who doesn’t fail to impress her with nice manners, intelligence, and attention.

Mongolian women like foreigners who respect their background

Most Mongolian women have a strong sense of family and cultural identity. Even if they honestly admit to dreaming about leaving the country, they are proud of their history and cultural heritage, traditional arts and crafts, as well as their singers, dancers, poets, and writers. No matter what a Mongolian girl may say about her country or the locals, she is likely to be concerned about how she is perceived by her family and the community. Some Mongolian girls claim that their country is stuck in the past, that it lags or lacks in every aspect, and that local men are primitive, lazy alcoholics. But you certainly shouldn’t say anything disrespectful about their country or culture.

Mongolian women like reliable men with a stable income

You can win the heart of a Mongolian woman by convincing her that you are willing to commit and provide for the family, and that you would like to give her a chance of discovering something different, of trying new things and activities.  


Do Mongolian Brides Like American Men?

Yes, Mongolian brides like American men, and adapt to their ways of living easier as compared to other Asian women. Mongolian people are not very religious, their culture has significant Russian influences, so it is closer to the Western culture than to the Asian.

Do Mongolian Brides Speak English?

Many Mongolian brides speak English, they can learn a foreign language quickly, and some already have experience of living in another country. 

What Is the Best Site to Meet Mongolian Brides?

Online dating platforms are best for meeting Mongolian brides, as they have large numbers of profiles and provide advanced or customized search options.

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