Indonesian Brides: Lovely Mail Order Brides From Indonesia

Indonesian Brides: Lovely Mail Order Brides From Indonesia

What Makes Men Fall In Love With Indonesian Brides

Indonesia is a country you probably think about very rarely, but it has enough to impress even the most seasoned traveler. It’s the fourth most populous country in the world and consists of over 17,000 islands, which means visiting Indonesia in full can take you a lifetime. But while the country has lots of secrets to uncover and beautiful sights to see, you probably came here to learn about Indonesian women for marriage. And who can blame you when Indonesian brides are some of the most amazing women on the planet? Here is your ultimate guide to Indonesian mail order brides.

Why Should You Choose An Indonesian Mail Order Bride?

An Indonesian mail order bride is not the most obvious choice of a partner since Indonesia is very far away from the US, but after you learn more about Indonesian girls for marriage, you will want to meet them as soon as possible.

She is gorgeous beyond belief

An Indonesian bride looks distinctively Asian, but she also has enough standout features to make you never confuse her with other Asian ladies. Indonesian women have light skin with slight caramel undertones. Their hair is dark, long, and silky, their eyes are expressive and captivating, and their lips are small but luscious. Indonesian girls are famously small and petite, but their bodies are surprisingly curvy, and given that Indonesian women are free to dress however they want, they use every way they can to showcase their natural assets.

She won’t play with your feelings

Indonesian women are very serious about relationships and the feelings of their partners. If an Indonesian bride is not interested in you as a potential husband or boyfriend, she will never lead you on just to feel flattered by your attention or for financial gain. She will always be true about her feelings to you and you won’t need to guess how she sees you — if she envisions a future between you two, you will get a clear idea about her intentions.

She will accept your imperfections

To an Indonesian mail order bride, it’s obvious that no one is perfect and everyone has certain baggage and things that make them human. If you have anything from your past you are not particularly proud of, or if you believe you are not good enough for your Indonesian bride, she will prove you wrong and show you that she is prepared to love you the way you are. Indonesian women never attempt to change their partners and are very accepting.

5 Best Things About Indonesian Brides As Wives

Indonesian mail order brides make amazing girlfriends, but they make even better wives. Here are just a few reasons for you to consider getting an Indonesian wife.

They want a quiet family life

Indonesian women are not dreaming of luxury vacations, extreme lifestyle, or expensive hobbies. All they want is to live happily with the people they love. Indonesian women have some of the strongest family values out of all Asian women for marriage and they can resist any temptations to keep what they want the most, which is a small but loving and close family that enjoys spending time together.

They are very supportive

Every human on earth goes through his own ups and downs, both in personal life and at work. The one thing you can always be sure in is your wife’s unquestionable support. Indonesian women consider it one of their main duties to support their husbands through the most challenging periods of their lives. Whether it’s health problems, troubles at work, loss of friends or family members, or even a mid-life crisis, you can expect your Indonesian wife to always be by your side.

They will impress you with their cooking talents

Your Indonesian bride can come from humble beginnings or have a rather wealthy family, but the one thing all Indonesian women have in common is that they make fantastic home cooks. They grow up watching the matriarchs of the family cook delicious meals with whatever little ingredients they may have. Indonesian women become familiar with flavors and techniques early in their lives. By the time they reach adulthood, they are so proficient at cooking that you will never need to worry about the food on your table again.

They are amazing as mothers

A family of two isn’t a family to an Indonesian wife even though she may be very happy with just the two of you. Only when there are children, your Indonesian wife will believe that what you have is real. Children bring Indonesian wives happiness, and they also make them show the sides of their personality you never knew before. With an Indonesian wife as the mother of your children, you can rest assured that they will be the happiest kids on the planet thanks to their mother’s unconditional love.

They are capable of absolute loyalty

Indonesia has a complicated divorce policy and tries every possible method to stop its couples from divorcing. However, even without those policies in place, Indonesian wives don’t see divorce as an option. They find family life and marriage to be the essence of their living and they will never willingly give it all up. Indonesian wives are absolutely loyal, uninterested in meeting other men, and prepared to do anything it takes to make the marriage last and keep you happy.

What Are Indonesian Mail Order Brides Want To See In Men?

Right now, you already know a lot about Indonesian mail order brides, but you are probably wondering: why do Indonesian women want to marry foreign men? One of the main reasons, unsurprisingly, is their desire to move to a more prosperous country and build a new life abroad with a man they love, but it’s not the only reason. In foreign guys, Indonesian women also want to find male qualities that they struggle to find in native men. Here are 5 of the most desirable men’s qualities for brides from Indonesia.


An Indonesian bride wants someone she can depend on. Someone who will be there through the good and bad chapters of her life. Someone who always fulfils his promises and doesn’t keep his woman waiting for years for that to happen. In order words, Indonesian mail order brides want to see trustworthy, loyal men by their sides, while failing to deliver on the promises is one of the biggest turn-offs for Indonesian women.


It’s not that Indonesian brides are only interested in the material side of the relationship and will never be with someone who doesn’t make as much money as the woman wants. However, when a man is generous, it reassures the woman that he will be able to provide for her when she is not able to work. An Indonesian woman will never ask you to buy her something, but she will be delighted when you get the idea first and surprise you with something nice. You should also know that Indonesian mail order brides never pay on dates.

Ambitious nature

You can only be generous when you make enough money or know how to make them in the near future. An Indonesian bride will not care too much how much money you have right now, but she wants to know that you have what it takes to provide for her and your future family. You can be a regular employee at the moment, but you need to have the ambitions, knowledge, and go-getter attitude to do something more with your life and achieve greater career heights or even start your own business.

Work/life balance

While you are working to make more money and make your family feel financially comfortable, you shouldn’t forget that you are doing it for your loved ones. No amount of money will truly matter to them if you are not around to share their most important moments. That is why your future Indonesian wife will want you to maintain a proper balance between your career and your family and not leave your loved ones behind while you are working to achieve something great.

Respect for the elders

Indonesia is a country where people have a complete respect and adoration for the oldest members of their families. They take care of their parents and grandparents, ask them for advice, and generally treat them like the most cherished people on the planet. You will need to adopt the same attitude if you want your Indonesian mail order bride to take you seriously. You should love her elders as your own side of the family, take care of them both personally and financially, and never object to them visiting your home.

Dating Indonesian Brides: 7 Tips You Should Know

No matter how much you may want to make an Indonesian bride your loving wife, there is no Indonesian mail order bride who will agree to marry you after just talking to you online. You will need to date her in person for some time, and here is how to make every single day of your dating period count and lead to a wonderful marriage.

  • Always ask her opinion. If there is one thing Indonesian mail order brides can’t stand in men, it’s when men make decisions for them. It goes without saying that Indonesian women believe that the man should be the leader in the relationship, but he also needs to learn what his woman is thinking before making the ultimate decision.
  • Put extra effort into your dates. An Indonesian bride may be fine with standard dates at the beginning of the relationship, but she will appreciate you going one step further to impress her. You don’t have to spend a huge budget every day, but you need to be extra creative, at least for anniversary dates and other important events.
  • Don’t arrive empty-handed. In Indonesian dating culture, arriving on a date without a little gift for your girlfriend is considered rude, especially when your romance is only beginning. It doesn’t mean you need to bring her expensive gifts like iPhones and jewelry, but flowers and sweets should do the trick.
  • Respect her values. The values of your Indonesian mail order bride may seem odd to you as a Western man. These women are deeply religious and have somewhat outdated beliefs. However, the worst thing you can do is mocking those beliefs, being condescending towards your woman, or attempting to change the way she is.
  • Get to know her loved ones. Getting closer to your Indonesian bride’s social circle that consists of her friends and family members will help you achieve two important goals. First, you will get them on your side when your bride asks their opinion about you. Second, you will learn more about your bride’s personality and way of living through the people who are close to her.
  • Let your personality show. When you are beginning to date an Indonesian mail order bride, you want to make the best possible impression. This is an understandable desire, but it can also make you look like the most generic version of a man. Instead, you need to show your true personality from the start, but also make an effort to become better for your bride.
  • Make your relationship go somewhere. To an Indonesian girl, there is nothing more frustrating than dating someone for years without any development of the relationship. We are sure that you will enjoy every second of your dating period, but you also need to let your girlfriend know that you have serious plans involving her.

To Sum Up

We can spend ages talking about the fantastic Indonesian brides, but the truth is that Indonesian mail order brides have more advantages than we could ever list in a single article. If you are enamored by the lovely looks of Indonesian girls and want to know more about them, the best thing you can do is meet one or more of them. Before you will do it in person, we recommend you to meet Indonesian women for marriage online, and with our guides and tips, you can do it safely and effectively!


Do Indonesian Brides Like American Men?

Indonesian women just love American guys. These men behave like real gentlemen. They are kind, generous, and respectful. Any Indonesian woman will be more than happy to meet one and become his wife. 

Do the Indonesian Brides Speak English?

The majority of the Indonesian ladies speak English perfectly. As a rule, the girls get an excellent education with a special focus on foreign language skills. 

What Is The Best Site To Meet Indonesian Brides?

There are a lot of places where you can meet Indonesian brides. However, the best option will be to find a reliable online dating website that will help you meet your perfect Indonesian match.