Hong Kong Cupid Review: Will You Find Love in Here?

Hong Kong Cupid Review: Will You Find Love in Here?
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  • Interface
  • Audience
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Hong Kong Cupid is a dating service that exists on purpose. Their primary goal is to connect Asia and the West in search of love, both parts of the world have enough singles to look for relationships online. In today’s Hong Kong Cupid review, we’ll focus on the professional focus of this service as the gateway to online dating in the niche of exotic oriental beauties. The services like this provide a real chance for people to find new social connections online despite differences in culture and language. You already understand that it sounds like a hell of a promise, but do Hong Kong Cupid reviews that describe it as fully legit speak the whole truth? In this precise review, we’ll pick every plus and minus inside of HKCupid, without any excuses. With help like this, it would be easier for you to make the decision in favor of this mail-order bride service or forget it at once.

hongkongcupid review


  • Wide choice of single Asian women who want to date
  • Pro search to find various people all across the Asian region
  • Interface is mobile-friendly


  • Registration takes too much time and exhausts users
  • Data security is under question
  • Tons of empty profiles without pics

How Hong Kong Cupid work

hongkongcupid review


After pressing the Join Hong Kong Cupid button, you’ll start the registration. You’ll see a popup like the one above, that’s the first step to get registered on this mail order brides service. You’ll have to select and fill the following information:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Gender and Who You’re Looking For
  • Your Age
  • Select Email and Password (Provide the Valid Address)
  • Press the Checkbox to Agree on Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Press the View Singles Now button to continue. Alternatively, you can register via Facebook. The service is managed by Cupid Media, and they have third-party integration via this social network. When you choose this option, all the data needed to complete your profile will be added from your Facebook page.


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The second step will take enough of your precious time, it lasts for a while. This step happens only if you choose registration without Facebook. In other reviews, they do not accent how much time it takes to complete the registration. Thanks to the second step, it indeed takes a lot. We were surprised and shocked by how much personal data the service wants to collect from you. This isn’t some kind of database initiated by the intelligence services about citizens, yet this dating service pretends to mask dating in Asia under personal data collection. 


You have to provide the following details:

  • Real-life name
  • Your gender
  • Birthdate
  • A country where you live
  • State
  • City, town, or village

There are also tons of other details they ask you to provide, mostly regarding your appearance. That’s where you have to decide whether to provide them or not.


hongkongcupid review


If you want to impress people who are using Hong Kong Cupid, then the first step to do that is to upload the right photo. The third step includes adding your profile photo either by uploading it manually or by connecting Facebook where it’s taken and delivered right into the system. There are also photo guidelines that will direct you in the choice of the primary photo. It’s located right below the photo uploading form and is easy to find.


hongkongcupid review


The feature that will be extremely helpful right after registration is called Advanced Search. The search results of your dating interest will be displayed like on the screenshot above. It has various data to be typed to find people who match your taste as closely as possible. We liked how the search works on Hong Kong Cupid, you’ll benefit from it as well.


hongkongcupid review


We found out that user diversity is extreme on Hong Kong Cupid. The service includes women who have Asian origins in the majority of cases. There are more than enough of those who actually come from Hong Kong. The age range starts from 18 and ends up at 60+. Every man should find a person to talk to here finding pleasurable time later on. 

Tons of profiles that we reviewed indicate the general portrait of those people. Women often include at least two photos from their daily life not counting the avatar. To check out who is real and who is a bot, watch the photos carefully. Profiles with extremely beautiful photos, who often write you first almost definitely mean no good to you, so stay away from them and chat with people who have less extravagant pictures. 


Speaking about the pricing of Hong Kong Cupid, there are several options you should pay attention to. Initially, the service is represented as the free one. Nevertheless, it still includes two pricing plans that exist on par with free membership. Basic membership includes a limited number of features, so keep it in mind. The prices in 2020 are set according to the following chart below:

Gold Plan

  • 12 Months. You pay $99.89 as one payment with $8.33 coming for every month
  • 6 Months. You pay $16.66 as one payment with $49.99 for a month
  • 1 Month. It costs only $24.98

Platinum Plan

  • 12 Months. You pay $119.89 as one payment with $10.00 coming for every month
  • 6 Months. You pay $20.00 as one payment with $59.99 for a month
  • 1 Month. It costs only $29.98


Hong Kong Cupid includes several effective methods to guarantee user safety on all levels. A safe and sound online dating experience is well accounted for at this Asian dating service. First of all, the website includes Facebook verification that happens via the official API. It delivers a higher user experience and all sorts of conveniences needed for amazing romantic web surfing. However, most users do not use this feature because they do not want to upload sensitive photos or information that could trace them back to Facebook by fraudsters. This method of verification has only one obvious advantage. It gives users a badge that marks them as Facebook-verified people. Thus, it gives extra scores to the level of trust to them from other users who want to establish contact. 


Summing up, we have a mixed, rather neutral opinion about Hong Kong Cupid. It’s a popular dating platform where you could meet Asians. However, it has tons of scam reports and fraudulent people who steal data and blackmail new users. If behaving carefully, the service will lead you to find real users, but being attentive is rule number one when using such services. 


What is Hong Kong Cupid?

Hong Kong Cupid is an eastern dating website that operates all across the world. It leads to finding new social and romantic connections with Asian people who create the bulk of the audience there

How much does Hong Kong Cupid cost?

Initially, the service is free to register and use. However, there are also paid plans as the following:

Gold Plan

  • 12 Months. You pay $99.89 as one payment with $8.33 coming for every month
  • 6 Months. You pay $16.66 as one payment with $49.99 for a month
  • 1 Month. It costs only $24.98

Platinum Plan

  • 12 Months. You pay $119.89 as one payment with $10.00 coming for every month
  • 6 Months. You pay $20.00 as one payment with $59.99 for a month
  • 1 Month. It costs only $29.98

Is Hong Kong Cupid a Scam?

No, the service is a part of the large digital holding that has similar products to Hong Kong Cupid. They all operate under the same legitimized standards that don’t allow them to practice any scam activities professionally. However, you can meet scammers here among other users if not being careful enough

Is Hong Kong Cupid Safe?

The service is safe but we insist that you should follow basic security rules. Sending photos from social media, giving your sensitive or financial data, and trusting people who are just nice you could threaten your personal security

Who owns Hong Kong Cupid?

Hong Kong Cupid is owned by the international dating holding called Cupid Media

What security features does Hong Kong Cupid have?

You have several security features to keep yourself unharmed. Firstly, you can report other users who try abusing you. They also have Fraud Prevention

Does Hong Kong Cupid have a mobile app?

Yes, there is a separate mobile application available for users who do not like using the mobile version of the service that works in browsers on iOS and Android

How do I delete my Hong Kong Cupid account?

Visit the next path on the website:

HongKongCupid – Mobile – Account Management

You’re going to discover the link that looks like text. It allows you to turn off the account in this service at once