Dating Chinese Women in 2020: The Most Effective Tips

Dating Chinese Women in 2020: The Most Effective Tips

Dating a girl from the other side of the world seems challenging and tempting at the same time. You feel like you have the whole world to explore through getting to know her personality. But how to behave right? What to do to not insult her and make her like you? Is there any way for the foreigner to conquer a Chinese woman or should you give up this idea right away? In this guide, we reveal all the truth about Chinese women, their features, and hopes regarding the relationship and family. All you have to do is read it through and start to apply the tips we prepared for you. Let’s see what they are like step by step.

3 Top Reasons Why Men Choose Chinese Women 

If you read this guide, you probably have your own reasons to like Chinese women. Still, we’d like you to get familiar with the most popular things that cause international men go crazy about them. 

Unique appearance

Asian ladies have an unusual appearance to the eye of Western men. If you have never met them, it may be hard to differentiate them from other Asian girls. That is why we collected the list of top outer features of Chinese women that make them unique: 

  • Chinese women have darker skin in comparison to Japanese and Korean ladies. Its shade is more yellow than that of women of other Asian nationalities. That is why they whiten their skin with different creams and powders;
  • Faces of Chinese brides are more round-shaped than that of Korean and Japanese women and their eyebrows are very straight;
  • Chinese women have voluminous hair that they do not straighten. Instead, they love styling it so that it can look more organized and slick.

Kind personality

Chinese women for marriage have great personality traits. They are optimistic, enthusiastic, and friendly to other people. They are also very genuine. If they hear a funny joke, they burst out with laughter even in public. If they are sad, you will notice that emotion on their faces too. They do not lie to their loved ones and do not act meanly to them. Are you looking for a girlfriend who will always be true to you? A Chinese woman is a perfect fit for you. 

Family values 

Chinese people consider family as one of the most important spheres of life. Therefore, women here are raised as future wives and mothers. Although lately young Chinese brides started to pay more attention to their careers, they still want to get married and have children. The only difference between a younger and the older generation is that the former prefer to get married in their late 20s or mid-30s. This is to make sure they have met the right person and raised enough income to start a family. 

Features Of Chinese Women’s Personality 

They are smart

A good education is one of the values of Chinese families. Therefore, local parents do their best to make it possible for their children. Young Chinese brides usually have a degree from one of the national universities or even the world-known institutions like Yale, Brown, or Princeton University. Chinese women strive not only to have a family but also career success, that is why their education is so important to them.

They are easy-going and polite

In China, women are very friendly and nice to talk to. They never act with arrogance or disrespect towards other people. They are ready to help those in need, be it a foreigner who got lost in Beijing or a kid who cannot find their mom in the crowd. Whatever close your relationship is, Chinese mail order brides will never make fun of you or say anything rude. Hence, you should not be worried if you decide to take such a girl to your home country. Your parents will like her for sure.

They are trendy

Since China is one of the most vibrant countries in the world, local women never miss the chance to look fancy. They consider their outfits as the way to express themselves, so if they see any latest pair of shoes or a trendy bag from world-known fashionistas, they will hunt for that item until they have it. If you are fond of fashion too, a Chinese bride will be a perfect match for you. 

They are into self-care 

Chinese women spend a lot of time in front of a mirror trying to make themselves look great. They spend a lot of money on skin-whitening topicals to look similar to Japanese ladies who have the lightest skin in Asia. Chinese girls believe that the whiter the skin is, the more beautiful the girl is. Consequently, if you don’t mind your girlfriend spending a lot of time in the bathroom, dating a Chinese mail order bride will be a fun experience for you. 

They are open-minded

Chinese women are outgoing and curious about the surrounding world. They love traveling, meeting new people, and exploring other cultures and languages. A Chinese bride would accompany you on your business trips with pleasure and will follow you if you decide to organize a journey to the places you two have never been to. 


In China, people are also very friendly to strangers. They would not leave a person who is in need of their help and always show you the right direction if you are not sure where the touristic spot you’re looking for is. 

They are loving

Chinese women for marriage are some of the most caring and loving women in the world. They know how to make it comfortable for men to live together and how to turn a house into a cozy home. They are also great cooks of Chinese cuisine (keep this in mind when you travel to her country to meet her). 


From a young age, Chinese women are taught to be driven by men, so you will hardly ever find as supportive and obeying women as Chinese. They rarely argue with men and you will never see them fighting in public. At home, they are very quiet and understanding too. What they do about their husbands is trying to see their point of view and accept it without any discussions. Sounds great, right?

Why Is It Better To Search For Chinese Women Online? 

Since we are living in a world of highly developed technologies, there is no need to travel half the world to meet the love of your life. All you need to do is sign up on the Chinese dating website and start chatting with girls. Such a way of meeting new people has a lot of pros:

  • you don’t need to spend money on drinks, flowers, etc.;
  • you will meet only those girls who are interested in dating with foreigners;
  • you can communicate with many ladies at a time.


If you want to meet a Chinese woman, you can meet her even in your home city. But what are the chances of finding your true love without direct actions? Hence, we advise you to find a trustworthy dating platform for Chinese people and start using it.  

Things To Consider When Choosing A Chinese Dating Platform

Understanding which site is the best for meeting potential girlfriends is crucial for having a safe online dating experience. However, if you are new to such a way of meeting women, you are likely to be confused about indicating which dating platform is reliable. We prepared the following list of points you need to check before registering on any website for dating: 

  • 24/7 Customer Support. It is the first thing you should pay attention to since dating platforms often feature Customer Support available anytime for the most expensive membership plan. Remember, you need to be provided with their help despite your member status anytime. 
  • Money-back guarantee. Your money is important, but the quality of service is above all. If you have not been treated well, you must be able to return your money. If the service does not offer such an option, it is not reliable and thus is a scam site. 
  • Privacy rules. Keeping your information in secret when dating online is crucial to not become a scammers’ victim. Hence, you have to know what does the website rules say about transmitting your data and protecting your billing information. To secure yourself even more, don’t tell your online acquaintances your credit card number, address, and so on while chatting with them.
  • Reviews. Reading and comparing testimonials of recent customers will tell you more about the service than the homepage of its website. So take your time to read as many of them as possible. Pay attention to what users say about the quality of service and prices. If someone says that the website has too many fake profiles, avoid it at all costs.
  • A price list and services. A decent dating platform offers communication via video calls, voice calls, phone, email, and online chat. The prices should not scare you off. If it looks like you need to spend a fortune to get access to all features of the dating site, it is likely to be a scam.
  • General usability of the platform. The website you are about to join should be convenient and easy-to-understand. If you have just entered it and are already struggling with its functions, you would not communicate here. It is better to keep searching for a more decent platform in this situation. 


7 Tips To Seduce Chinese Women 

We have collected the most effective tips to help you seduce Chinese brides for marriage. Apply them regularly to see results quickly. 

  • Be persistent. Chinese women adore it when a man chases them and demonstrates his desire to date them. Act with confidence and tell her what you want openly so that she could know your intentions. It is a good way to start. 
  • Bring her gifts. Chinese brides are obsessed with brand clothing and accessories, so giving her a pair of designer sneakers or a purse once in a while will not go unnoticed. Remember only to not spoil her with them every week. 
  • Show your respect. People in China are very nice, and that’s why you may feel like talking to an old friend when chatting with a Chinese woman. However, this feeling is misleading. You are still strangers who need to respect each other’s boundaries and not ask any personal things on the first date.
  • Don’t be pushy. Some Chinese ladies at a long-term relationship without getting married. If you happen to date such a girl, do not push. It’s okay to talk about the future once in a while but if you see that she does not like it, it will not work out. Better find another partner or deal with it. 
  • Act like a gentleman. Even if you have just met online, show your manners. Be polite and make her feel like a queen in your company. Do not ask about her exes, salary, and other things. Do not tell what you have heard about Chinese people before, especially if it is some stereotype. Treat her the way you want to be treated. 
  • Don’t forget to compliment her. Chinese brides for marriage are insecure sometimes, so be sure to tell that she is beautiful. It will brighten her day and make her want to communicate with you even more. 
  • Don’t brag. Showing off your money or status has nothing to do with seducing an Asian girl, so don’t try to do that. It simply does not work and can screw up everything. 


As you already know, dating Chinese mail order brides is not a hard nut to crack if you know what they are like and how to act with them. Also, you need to find a reliable online spot to start dating them. While creating this guide, our mission was to ensure the best Chinese dating experience, so we will appreciate your feedback. 


What Chinese Brides Like About American Men?

Yes, Chinese brides admire Western men, especially American ones. They believe that they have a good education and are more open-minded than Chinese men. They are also sure that American men do more sports and enjoy traveling more than Asian men. 

Is It Possible To Find English-speaking Chinese Brides?

Yes, it is. The majority of Chinese brides get a high-quality education, that is why they speak English well. However, not all Chinese women have an opportunity to practice it daily so they may need some time to improve their speaking skills. 

Where Can You Meet Chinese Brides Easily?

Today, the best place for meeting a Chinese bride is a dating website. Asian dating platforms offer a wide range of services and features so that you can hear, see, and talk to the person you admire without the need to travel to China.