Filipino American Marriage Success Rate

Alex Harvey
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What is the Filipino American Marriage Success Rate? This question should not even need an answer. Typically, men who have the financial means and the wherewithal to marry outside of America are generally older and more mature than locals marrying Filipino ladies. Filipina women tend to be more ambitious and self-assured than some of their counterparts.

On the other hand, it should be noted that American men are not completely without fault. There are certainly many irresponsible young men who get involved with Filipino women. Unfortunately, what often happens is that these young American men, for whatever reason, become unable to care for their Filipina wives. This results in an extremely unhappy marriage, and a Filipino wife and American husband can often wind up with a divorce.

The Filipino American marriage success rate is rather high because many people who marry Filipino ladies are more responsible. In most cultures, marrying someone outside of your own race is viewed very negatively. Many people who wed Filipinos do so only in order to find happiness, a new life, or even to start a family. There are certainly a lot of people who marry Americans in order to enjoy what a strong marriage offers.

A Filipino American marriage success rate may also be high because there are many people from the Philippines that live in the United States and other countries. As an example, the number of people who live in California is double the population of the Philippines. Because of this population imbalance, many of the Filipino men in the United States and other countries have gone to the Philippines and wed Filipina women. The Filipino wives who end up in this situation are usually younger and they tend to be from a lower economic class.

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If you think about a Filipino American marriage success rate, you need to think about the bride. The women marry men who are more financially stable and who are better educated than they are themselves. There are some Filipina women who are well educated but are less prosperous than husbands they married. On the whole, however, most Filipino women are very ambitious and intelligent. They know how to make money quickly, how to care for themselves and their families and how to be successful in business.

One reason why the Filipino American marriage success rate is so high is because there are so many Filipina women living in the United States, Canada and Australia. The population imbalance between men and women in these areas means there are more Filipino women than men. The low divorce rate is another reason why Filipino women have such high marriage rates.

Another common factor explaining the success of Filipino American marriages is the desire to be self-employed. In the United States, many men want to be entrepreneurs and work at home, whereas many Filipino American women want to be homemakers. This difference in their mindset also contributes to the high Filipino divorce rate. Filipino men want to be with a woman who is independent and knows how to be lovable. This is because the Filipino culture emphasizes that each spouse has a duty to care for his or her family.

There are many people from the Philippines that decide to get married and stay in America. In fact, the number of Filipino American marriages is increasing every year. The Filipino people are very welcoming to all foreigners, especially those who have a different culture and language. With the help of various programs designed to help Filipino Americans adjust to life in the United States, many people from the Philippines are choosing to get married and stay in America permanently.

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