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What Makes Balinese Women so Special?

When it comes to the family and the economic life of the island, the role of women can hardly be exaggerated. Western men often choose Balinese women as life partners due to their exotic charm, incredible femininity, and undeniable qualities of true wives. At this point, let’s get deeper into detail:

  • They have beautiful physics. The island of Bali has a diverse population, which makes local women have a mix of Indonesian and other Oriental features. They have delicate facial traits, smooth black hair, big dark eyes, tanned skin, and short stature. Thanks to distinctive facial features, Balinese women look amazing even without makeup. A slim figure is their source of pride as they can stay in good shape until their mature age. Interestingly, they don’t have to do sports to be slim. This is the result of the good genes granted by the ancient Indian civilization.
  • They are open and easy-going. Apart from physical attractiveness, Balinese women also have a rich inner world. With radiate warmth and natural kindness, they are always natural in their feelings and actions. Their sincerity often makes them look like small children who easily get shy and uncomfortable.
  • They obey their husbands. Local women are very feminine, whether it comes to their appearance or behavior. In the Balinese culture, women do not have many rights and social freedoms, which make them obedient and dependent on others. Once a Balinese woman becomes your wife, she will do everything to fulfill all your requests and wishes. She will feel good about it. For her, this kind of servicing has nothing to do with humiliation.
  • They follow traditional family values. Balinese women rely on traditional family values. They take the whole responsibility for the birth and upbringing of children, as well as household duties. Their mission is to achieve balance and harmony for all members of the family. One of the basic virtues of Balinese women is that they are faithful to their husbands. The principle of monogamy is not an empty word for them as it really reflects their perception of a happy relationship. The dream of most Balinese girls is to find a perfect man and devote herself to him for the rest of her life.
  • They have some special skills. When you start dating a Balinese girl, you automatically receive a pleasant “bonus.” Local women are known for doing great massages because their mothers teach them some special techniques from early childhood. Your Balinese girlfriend or bride will know how to relieve your muscle tension with pleasure. Afterward, she will cook a delicious national delicacy for you to make you feel super relaxed.
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What Are the Top Features of Balinese Brides?

Although a Balinese woman is not forbidden to work, she is about to stop her career endeavors after marriage. According to the local legislation and traditions, a young woman turns out to be in a somewhat disadvantageous position. She cannot balance work and family life at the proper level. So, when she goes into a new family, she is supposed to focus on her husband and children completely.

Even if she considers getting a divorce for some reason, she will have to take some serious challenges. While divorce is not forbidden in Bali Island, it does not allow local girls to return to their parents. For her old family, she doesn’t exist anymore so the so-called ancestral spirits won’t be able to take her back. Moreover, it is assumed that a divorced Balinese woman may bring great misfortune to her parents and relatives.

Settling down with a young Balinese woman may seem an extraordinary decision for Western men who get into a brand-new world with its exotic rules and traditions. For a Balinese woman, this is a risk she is ready to go for. A relationship with a foreigner opens up brand-new life prospects for her where she has more rights and freedoms.

As a husband of a Balinese woman, you will enjoy a never-ending amount of warmth and kindness she expresses. At the same time, this will not make your relationship tedious or boring. Your bride will do everything to keep you satisfied. She will have hundreds of ideas on how to spend quality time together.

Where Can You Find Balinese Brides?

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. When you visit the island, you can do nothing but notice lots of single girls there. Luckily, most of them are interested in serious relationships so your chances of meeting someone special are pretty high.

If traveling is not in your nearest plans, you can try an alternative option. By registering on one of the dating websites, you can find many Balinese mail order brides who want to meet and marry a foreigner. Without spending much time and money, you will be able to get a first impression of Balinese brides by talking to them online. Of course, some qualities of these ladies can only be known when you talk to them face to face.

How to Recognize a Reliable Balinese Dating Website?

You can find plenty of dating websites on the Internet that would help you find Balinese brides. However, not all of them are worthy of your attention. Many online services turn out to be a waste of time and money. If you want to find the safest and most reliable dating site, you should keep some details in your mind.

Before registering on a dating website, look through the profiles of registered women. If most of them look fake, then you should leave it immediately. While all Bali brides want to look perfect, their accounts still should look real. Trustworthy dating websites provide their clients with a broad collection of participants with different appearance and age range.

Some dating websites tend to obtain money from trusting men without delivering any quality service. Make sure that the pricing policy of a specific service is clear and devoid of hidden commissions. Of course, well-designed and promoted resources need some subscription payments from you. It doesn’t mean that you have to pay for each step you take on the site. If you face something like that, you should give up on it. In the end, you should pay attention to the efficiency of customer support by asking them some basic questions.

How to Become Attractive to a Balinese Girl?

By knowing in advance some primary features of Balinese women, you increase your chances of attracting one of them. Here are some useful tips to follow on the way to a successful love adventure:

  • Balinese people are mostly Muslims or Hindus. Balinese Hinduism has many differences from traditional Indian religion, especially in regard to customs, daily rituals, and holidays. Your Balinese bride will most likely make offerings to the gods every morning by placing flowers, colorful ribbons, and fruits in front of the idols. While you don’t have to do the same, you can at least show respect to her beliefs. It will mean a lot to her!
  • Most Balinese women speak English quite well. If you want to make a good impression on your Balinese bride, you should demonstrate some interest in her culture, customs, and features of this island. That way, you will show that you actually care about her personality and background.
  • Local women expect honesty from men. Local girls cannot like, so they know how to recognize lies, insincerity, and hypocrisy. A Balinese woman will feel comfortable with a man who takes the lead in the relationship as part of his pure intentions.
  • Local beauties like receiving small gifts from men. Balinese women love colorful flowers and small gifts, which reflect men’s pure interest. Even if you are still chatting on the Internet, you can send her some online flowers to catch her attention. You will see how pleased she is from her reaction. At the same time, Balinese women are fond of demonstratively expressing their emotions. Her reaction will be reserved but honest.
  • Bali girls stay away from stingy and greedy men. Material things are not so important for local women, but it doesn’t mean that they can stand greediness. So, it won’t hurt to pamper our Balinese bride with cute gifts. It is an excellent way to get a sincere smile from her and even an emotional kiss.


Do Balinese Brides Like American Men?

In Bali Island, local girls marry men at a relatively young age. With marriage, all their freedoms and rights vanish completely. No wonder many Balinese consider the idea of marrying an American man and moving abroad. That way, they increase their chances of having brighter life prospects.

Do Balinese Brides Speak English?

While Bali Island is a popular tourist destination, so local people know how important it is to speak English. Thus, you can be sure that your Balinese girl will have at least basic English skills which are sufficient for understanding each other.

What Is the Best Site to Meet Balinese Brides?

With a great number of dating sites on the Internet, it is getting more and more difficult to find a reliable one for long-term use. Ideally, you check Asian and Oriental dating platforms such as, which have advanced features and predominantly positive reviews left by clients.

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