• Prices 7
  • Audience 4
  • Interface 7
  • Safety 6
  • Different features for online communication
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Various sexual orientations
  • Some of the profiles are scammy
  • Some features may lag
  • Male users outnumber females


If you can afford travel amenities to visit one of the exotic countries in search of Asian beauties, then you can delay registering at AsianMelodies. However, most men do not have enough time and cash to afford that several times a year. Learning Asian women closer might happen without much of an effort with the services like this. It has left mixed impressions though. Fake profiles for new users who write messages that seem too good to be true and hard monetization can make the whole experience with this oriental dating service bitter than expected.

AsianMelodies is an online dating service that hosts single mail order brides who are open for all kinds of relationships. The service operates more than five years on the market, and since its launch has managed to accumulate a mixed reputation. In this AsianMelodies review, we’re going to undig the truth about this dating service with its positive sides and minuses that should make you stay away or find your new mail order bride here.

How does AsianMelodies function?

AsianMelodies review
AsianMelodies greets you with the main screen with a woman sitting in the purple dress. Other Asianmelodies reviews focus mostly on what’s happening inside of the service missing out how to register. Initially, Asian Melodies is free to register not asking you to place any fees. The registration form in the left part of the webpage asks you to provide the following details:

  • Choose your gender
  • Create the name
  • Provide your birthdate
  • Email is necessary
  • Come up with a strong password
  • Select the checkbox and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy

After all of that, press the Register button to begin becoming a member of AsianMelodies.com

AsianMelodies review

The welcome page of this mail order brides service. It tells you about the short questionnaire that consists of the four stages in total. First of all, you have to tell about your dating preferences, so everyone in Asia knows how strongly you want to find a couple. When you’re ready, press the Let’s do it button to start.

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AsianMelodies review

The first stage called Your Preferences consists of a series of questions about your personality. You’ll have to talk about your communication preferences, what you can tell about sexual tastes, and what are your implications about relationships. There will be 10+ questions, so you’ll have to be patient before going to the next stage. Honestly, this is the longest stage of the whole registration, and we don’t have an idea why it takes so much time to finish.

AsianMelodies review

This is one of the questions from the Your Preferences stage. Your choice will matter later on when the algorithms will show women of the specific age range during your search.

AsianMelodies review

The first question is from the About Yourself stage. Here, you’ll have to tell the service about who you are. Choosing your geographic location and city of residence will affect the display of other users. This is how you tell you to show other users who you really are. It will help to attract women interested in the men like you, so try to provide the fullest information possible about your persona.

AsianMelodies review

The third stage is the creation of your profile. Here, you can customize it initially. Doing things like uploading profile photos and writing a short bio with a headline pitch are important. No one wants to write to people with a half-blank profile. Staying successful on AsianMelodies requires that, but later we’ll tell you the truth about bots and fake profiles that are present here, unfortunately. Yet, you can upload the photo or use your web or smartphone cam to take the picture.

AsianMelodies review

Finally, your profile creation journey is over. You’re on the Finish stage, which is the fourth one. Select the girls you like, so they’ll know about it at once. When you’re ready to start using the service as a fully-fledged user, press the Finish button.

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Who is AsianMelodies’ Audience?

AsianMelodies review

The audience of the service consists of the users who start their love search no matter the country of residence. According to 2020 data, the service consists of 30% from females and 70% from males. Monthly, there are 1+ million visitors, including new and constant users. The most active users are from the countries like the United States, Australia, and the UK. We conclude that male users outnumber females. Weekly, there are around 250,000 people active. The age of the users starts from 25 and above. Rarely, there are younger girls here, so if you look for that, then stop somewhere else.

Since this dating website is for men who want to find an Asian soulmate, it’s understandable why males are in the majority here. Most of the women are direct East Asian descendants, so the competition here is stably high for their hearts. Speaking of the goals these women pursue, most of them wish to find long-term relationships, possibly ending up in legal marriage.

AsianMelodies pricing policy

AsianMelodies is the initially free dating service that offers a pay-to-use system of monetization. It means that you’ll have to pay for certain functionality of the service that isn’t available when you register for the first time. Frankly speaking, you’ll have to pay almost for everything to feel comfortable. Basically, only registration, photo upload, and profile browsing are free to use. The payment methods that service offers to you include Credit Cards and PayPal.

To pay for the premium services, you’ll have to buy local currency called credits. The service doesn’t allow you to buy a specific amount that you desired. That’s too bad because you’ll have the choice from the available packs only.

  • 20 Credits – $2.99
  • 50 Credits – $19.99
  • 125 Credits – $44.99
  • 250 Credits – $69.99

You’re not obliged to pay for the credits right after registration. The service wants you to take some time before taking the decision. How do they influence your choice to pay for their credits? They’ll send bots to mesmerize you with tons of warming-up messages. Don’t be surprised that right after registration, you’ll get messages from really beautiful women. Yet, the chance that some of those profiles are made up by real people is low. As a free user, you’ll also get the pack of free credits to test out the paid feature and get attached to them, or not at all.

Safety tips on using AsianMelodies

A few words about safe behavior inside of AsianMelodies. The service definitely has scam risks, you should be aware of it right from the start. To eliminate any personal and financial risks, we recommend following the next rules:

  • Chat only inside of AsianMelodes with new people
  • Do not send credit card data or social profiles when others insist on that
  • Do not expose personal information that will help to track you down on the profile
  • If seeing abusive behavior and threats, report to customer support

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What is AsianMelodies?

AsianMelodies is a popular dating service that connects western men and Asian singles

How much does AsianMelodies cost?

The service is free to register, but some of the features are paid with credits:

  • 20 Credits – $2.99
  • 50 Credits – $19.99
  • 125 Credits – $44.99
  • 250 Credits – $69.99

Is AsianMelodies a Scam?

The risk of scam is plausible here, but the service isn’t like that in the first place.

Is AsianMelodies Safe?

The service is safe to use only if you behave attentively, we mentioned it in this review before.

Who owns AsianMelodies?

AsianMelodies is owned by Victoria Brides Media Holding.

What security features does AsianMelodies have?

The service has standard security features like many other dating websites like double opt-in via emails, password recovery, abuse reports, and SSL payment security protocols.

Does AsianMelodies have a mobile app?

No, the service only has a mobile version that works on Android and iOS.

How do I delete my AsianMelodies account?

To delete your AsianMelodies account, go to Profile Settings and press Deactivate Profile button. Provide your password to approve the request.

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